Father God,

1. We pray that You would continue to strengthen Rev. Lim both physically and spiritually and that You would open doors for his safe and quick return home.

2. We lift up pastors in our GKYM leadership including Rev. Hae Taik Kim, Rev. Jason Noh, Rev. Joshua Min Chung, Rev. Sung No, Rev. Jim-Bob Park, Rev. Ken Choe, Rev. Simon Lee, Rev. Chris Baik, and Rev. Joel Kim as they work together to serve and lead the GKYM movement.

3. We lift up all other pastors and leadership within staff and volunteers. May You give them wisdom and creativity to plan and prepare the conference so that it may be for Your glory.

4. We pray that GKYM will continue to be a conference and mission movement that pleases Your will and be used to finish the task of Jesus’ Great Commission.

5. We pray that GKYM can be a bridge between generations so that through missions churches can transcend language, cultural, and generational barriers in working together for Your Kingdom.

6. We pray that GKYM will continue to make disciples and raise up the next generation as Christian leaders around the world.

7. We pray for Your constant provision so that many can participate in this conference and that a full-time staff can serve to make follow-up fruitful from all the missionary commitments that take place at the conference.

8. We pray that through GKYM churches can come together as one in worship, but also in networking to expand Your Kingdom.

9. We pray for all the speakers and worship bands and others involved in leading the program at the conference that they will be used to deliver Your message and that there will be anointing of the Holy Spirit in every part of the program.

10. We pray for the safety and spiritual protection of all who will be travelling to and from the conference during Dec. 27-30, 2016. We bless the city of Rochester and the venue in the name of Jesus so that there will be no hindrances or distractions of the enemy throughout the conference.

11. We pray that every participant can meet Christ at the conference, be challenged and blessed to go out and live missionary lives wherever they are. We pray for Your abundance grace on all those attending GKYM.

12. We pray for the healing of the nations that through GKYM. May You will receive worship from every tongue, people, tribe, and nation as we go out as messengers of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.